Scope Systems Acquires NEC Australia Perth Business

New Expansion Opportunities Beyond Mining

Perth based business management software provider Scope Systems has announced a significant expansion with the acquisition of NEC Australia’s Perth Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) business.

The merged businesses will result in Scope Systems nearly doubling its existing number of clients to more than 250 across its core sectors of mining and mining services, together with its growing portfolio in manufacturing, logistics, wholesale and retail.

Scope Systems Managing Director Troy Morrison said the merging of the two business was an ideal fit that would bring additional benefits to new and existing clients.

“As a West Australian based company, our strategic focus has been on software catering for the mining and mining services sectors, and this has enabled us to build a significant client base,” he said.

“NEC’s ERP focus has been in manufacturing and logistics, wholesale and retail. The collective strengths of the merged businesses allows us to provide specialists in a number of industry sectors to assist in the deployment, consultation and development of ERP and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.

“As part of this acquisition a number of NEC specialists will join our team, bringing additional IP and experience in different industry sectors, providing a scale we previously did not have.”

Mr Morrison said that the acquisition would provide the ideal platform from which to expand the highly successful Pronto ERP and Qlik portfolio across a range of industries beyond mining and mining services.

“The broader mining sector will continue to be a major part of Scope’s business and will benefit from our ability to draw on and apply expertise and knowledge from other industry sectors where NEC has been successful,” he said.

“The mining sector is becoming more sophisticated as it moves into its next phase of consolidation, with companies requiring even more from their business software to meet the demands of operating in such a competitive environment.

“One of the biggest challenges mining companies face is making sure that they have the right system in place to allow the level of business agility that organisations with multiple sites require. At the end of the day you need to make sure that your system is robust enough to minimise errors, while at the same time being simple enough to operate.

“The need to drive efficiencies in cost reduction and improved productivity is a strong focus for the industry. With the amount of data being managed and the financial impact of inefficiencies, appropriate software packages like Business Intelligence have become a business requirement more than a luxury package.

“Having such a rich knowledge and skill base will allow us to evaluate and choose the best business practices from all industries and bring additional benefits to our clients, such as mobility of applications and workflow, among others.”

Scope Systems consultants and tailored ERP and BI software products have enabled companies to bring new projects online, completely manage whole drilling operations and mining contracts, deliver operational efficiencies, reduce costs and implement sound, robust business processes that set the company up for long term success.

“The acquisition of NEC’s ERP is the perfect fit for our expanding business that will enable us to reach new markets more effectively than we have been able to do previously,” Mr. Morrison said.

“The acquisition is consistent with our objective to grow into different vertical markets and to bring that experience back to our core market of Mining and Mining services.”

Staff numbers in its Perth, Brisbane and Johannesburg offices will increase to more than 90.

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