Mine Production software.

PLODtrack provides a streamlined and convenient solution for mining operations. PLODtrack is ideal for customers needing a lower cost point but a scalable solution and quick implementation, making it suitable for smaller sites. 

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Highly scalable

PLODtrack is a highly scalable solution, from small single sites, up to multiple sites, it’s ideal for comparing operations against mine design. 

Multiple areas of tracking

Built for open pit and underground mining operations, PLODtrack monitors location performance, equipment performance and operator performance.

Mobile solution

PLODtrack is a mobile solution that uses a web-based interface to connect mining data and establish a single source of truth. 


PLODtrack is a mine production software for mining contractors to optimise production performance and maximise contract revenues. The software helps to bridge the gap between poorly performing systems and high-cost, complex mine management solutions by focusing on the critical components of ore tracking and equipment usage. PLODtrack provides an easily accessible process to combine your structured operational data with a thorough validation process to ensure data accuracy and provide operational visibility, insight and control. 

Key Benefits:

  • Record daily PLOD data from any activity you choose in a validated, auditable system.
  • Replace ad hoc processes and rely on spreadsheets.
  • Track equipment and ore by any number of locations
  • Compare forecasted production data reconciled with actual production data.
  • Reports designed to cap administration costs at their maximum level automatically.

PLODtrack functions

PLODtrack was designed from the feedback of multiple mining customers from various areas of mining, with the focus on maximising efficienct from PLOD sheets to Shift reports. With the need for data to be accurate and trustworthy PLODtrack uses extensive validation throughout, helping to minimise errors so that you can trust the data presented. Users have the ability to explore this data with an inbuilt spreadsheet application embedded into the product, giving you the ability to explore data – the solution is also fully integrated with QlikView, a leading BI application.

Data Capture

Your data in PLODtrack can be locked by period. You have the ability to capture and track: 

  • Load and Haul activities
  • Jumbo activities
  • Drilling activities
  • Development Charge Up activities
  • Production Charge Up activities
  • Service Crew activities
  • Engine Hours
  • Drill Plans
  • Firing Plans


PLODtrack can reconcile data by:

  • Grade
  • Load
  • Bucket
  • Activity
  • Location
  • Location Group
  • Period

Field Labels

You have full control over many fields in the application including:

  • Field Length.
  • On or Off.
  • Min Max.
  • Label.
  • Default.
  • Tool tip.

Load Factors

PLODtrack uses many forms of factor within the application, all using “from dates” to preserve historical data:

  • Bucket Factor by Product Type / Group.
  • Load Factor by Product Type / Group.


PLODtrack has a Contract Administration function that allows users to set up contracts and apply PLOD data to activities referenced back to the contract. This allows users to produce instant claim reports based on actuals with fixed and variable costs.

Start Stop Transactions

All transactions can have Start and Stop times added to them if required. This provides the benefit of producing FIFO for stock and also reporting operator performance.

Solutions ready to integrate.

About PLODtrack

PLODtrack is a mine production management system owned by Australian software company, PeopleTray. 

PeopleTray is a Perth based software company that works with the mining industry to provide cloud based, innovative FIFO workforce software and production reporting solutions to their customers.

PeopleTray’s flagship software is PeopleTray, an affordable cloud application that offers a comprehensive suite of FIFO software tools for Rostering, safety, training, mobile checklists and asset management (pre-starts and maintenance/repair job cards) in a single integrated system. PeopleTray’s software portfolio also contains leading mine production data management and performance software, MPX and PLODtrack.

With over 18 years’ experience, the PeopleTray consulting team have deployed MPX across 15 countries, for commodities including gold, lithium, iron ore, nickel, copper and rare earths, and open pit and/or underground operations.

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