Utilise Pronto Xi to its full potential.

Whether you’re an individual seeking to improve your skills or an employer looking to increase your team’s knowledge, our Pronto Xi training can help you reach your goals. 

Company Training

Give your employees the knowledge they need

Our Pronto Xi training can help you leverage your investment and maximise your Pronto Xi software. Our train-the-trainer courses and end-user training are perfect for companies looking to upskill their employees.

Please contact your Scope Systems Account Manager for company training enquiries.

Please note that we can only provide company training to Scope Systems Customers.  

Individual Training

Gain the knowledge to help you succeed. 

We can work with you to tailor our courses to meet your needs. If you’re looking to upskill to improve your employability or just interested in learning about Pronto Xi, we can provide the training you need.

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Pronto Xi Training Modules

Accounts Payable

The Pronto Xi Accounts Payable (AP) training course teaches attendees the core aspects of table setup and maintenance, understanding the major function flags and setting up, maintaining and querying supplier records. It also take you through the required steps to process an AP transaction, including posting and tracking the flow of the transaction to the Suppliers Ledger and the General Ledger.

The Pronto Xi Accounts Receivable (AR) course covers AR processing and how to establish Accounts Receivable. This includes all procedures necessary for processing transactions, journals, invoices and credits. This course also covers processing Cash Receipts, Bad Debts, Account Enquiries and Reporting. This course provides a comprehensive introduction to Accounts Receivable Processing and will provide a basic understanding of these functions.

The Pronto Xi Fixed Assets training course provides a comprehensive introduction to the Fixed Assets module covering several key areas, including Configuration, Processing, Asset Depreciation, Asset Disposal, Revaluing, Transferring and Reporting.

The Pronto Xi General Ledger training course provides attendees skills and knowledge on how the General Ledger Module works. It goes takes you through enquiring about General Ledger accounts, processing manual and automatic transaction types and understanding the circumstances in which each is used, along with creating and maintaining General Ledger budgets, spread factors and reporting.

The Pronto Xi Inventory training course provides a well-rounded introduction to the basic inventory operations within the Inventory module. It covers Receiving, Adjusting, Transferring, Issuing, Converting and Repacking Items, and generating relevant Inventory Reports.

The Pronto Xi Overview training provides a comprehensive overview of the navigation and functionality available in the Pronto Xi interface.

The Pronto Xi Payroll training course provides information and details on processing and maintaining the Pronto Xi payroll system. This includes maintaining the base setup tables, system flags, creating new employees and employee setup, leave maintenance, superannuation and more.

Maintenance Management Leve 1 provides an overview of topics related to plant item enquiry, kit and BOM enquiry, work requests and work orders. It also covers many transactions related to materials and timesheets. 

This course focuses on building skills and knowledge in Maintaining the Plant Register, Work Orders, Work Requests, Monitor Points, Work Order Transactions, Components and Reports. Level 2 builds on the fundamentals taught in the introductory plant maintenance course, Maintenance Management Level 1. 


Maintenance Management Level 1

This course provides an overview of setting up and performing basic project-related tasks in Pronto Xi’s Project Costing module, including processing timesheets for projects, issuing stock to a project, processing purchase orders and supplier invoices, using journals to correct project costing transactions, creating a progress invoice schedule, invoicing a project and raising variations against the project.

The Pronto Xi Purchase Order Processing Course covers all of the tasks associated with the purchasing function and teaches attendees how to make, control and monitor purchases within Pronto Xi. This course includes all of the procedures necessary to process core purchasing transactions that are typical to a mining operation.

The Pronto Xi Structured Query Language (SQL) training course is designed to give users the ability to obtain basic lists of information in a format not available in a standard report and covers topics designed to provide a base of knowledge from which to build. After completing this course you will understand the basic Pronto SQL Terminology and be able to create, modify and extract reports from Pronto Xi.

The Pronto Xi System Administration training provides you with information and the knowledge to act as an administrator of your Pronto Xi successfully. The course focuses on core functionality in relation to security administration and maintenance.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the training?

The final cost of training depends on the instructor required and the module completion times. As a guide, the cost of training is A$220-250 per hour (excl. GST), and each module takes around 4 hours to complete. 

Our training is suitable for any level. However, if you have not used Pronto Xi previously or have little experience then we require the General Overview module to be completed so you have an understanding of how the software works. 

Most of our training modules take between 2-4 hours per module to complete. The length of time taken varies depending on experience of the person undertaking the training.  

Our training sessions for individuals are predominantly done online; however some of our modules can be done in-person out of our classroom in West Leederville. All of our online training is done on a one-on-one basis over Microsoft Teams or Zoom. 

The availability of the training and schedule depends on the training required and the trainer’s availability. Generally, we require a minimum of 2 weeks notice to schedule a training session in with our trainers.

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