We have a solution no matter what size of mine.

If you’re looking for a new mining ERP software then you’ve come to the right people. We are the leaders in providing Pronto Xi ERP solutions to the mining industry, and with over 30 years of experience, you can be assured our solutions have been tried and tested. 

By using Pronto Xi as our foundation, we build powerful integrated software solutions that bring together all areas of your business, from tracking PLODs and your tenements, to rostering your employees. 

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Best-in-breed mining ERP software.

Our mining ERP solution utilises multiple best-in-breed software to give you a powerful integrated mine management system.

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Scalable to your company.

No matter what the size of your company, we can provide a software solution that fits you. We look after all mining companies, from junior explorers to senior producers. 

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Experts in global implementations.

We are experts at delivering projects globally. With teams across the globe, we have implemented mining ERP software in hundreds of mining companies. 

ERP Software for the Mining Industry

No matter what size and stage of the mine life cycle you are in, we can provide a solution that suits you. From small, entry level options for 2 users, up to a large producing 2000+ employee operation, we can help. Our solution is flexible, growing with you as you need it, rather then needing to rip and replace every time you move to the next stage in your project.

Keep your finances and project costs in check

Keep your costs low.

Pronto Xi’s Financial module lets you manage your suppliers, invoices and transactions all in one place, in an integrated environment. Our solution gives you a more robust budgeting and forecasting tool, giving you greater tools to understand the expenses associated with the mine plan.

Your Financials, AP, Purchasing, Plant, Inventory and HR are all integrated into the Project Costing module, allowing you to understand the transactions that are hitting your project and the cashflow for your operations in detail.

Project costing also provides you with real time analysis of your projects, so that you can correct issues before they blow out and erode capital. The Project costing module can also be integrated into MS Project to push through financials to your project management tools.

Project costing screen

Manage your budgets and timelines

Manage your tenements.

Tenements Management System (TMS) is a Pronto Xi customer module developed by Scope Systems. TMS helps you track your expenditure against your tenement and allocate costs to specific activities with the tenement, helping you keep your data in check and reporting made easy. The module seamlessly integrates with your Pronto Xi environment, helping you monitor your important physical data, allocate costs over tenements and produce your statutory compliance reports such as your Form5 report, reducing the risk of financial penalties. 

Activities such as overhead costs, anniversary dates, physical data such as meters drilled, consumables and timesheets need to be tracked and the associated invoices need to be apportioned to the specific lease or tenement. 


Tenement module screen

Reduce breakdowns and maintenance costs

Understand your assets cost.

As your site grows so do your assets. Our solution allows you to have greater control over your assets, along with low bandwidth functions and the data they require with the connection to Head Office.

Pronto Xi’s Maintenance Management module provides a functional preventative and predictive maintenance tool that links to your other financial modules such as payroll and inventory, giving you a detailed picture of your end-to-end cost management function of your mobile and fixed plant assets.

Pronto Xi’s Maintenance Management is built into the core application to provide full control of your assets. See the true cost of plan based on contract usage and downtime as well as the costs involved in maintaining your assets.
Maintenance Management screen

Look after your most valuable assets

People Management.

Along with your plant, your people are your most valuable asset. Having an integrated system that manages your equipment and people is a priority as it allows more accurate scheduling of people to jobs, reducing employee frustration. 

The payroll module can be upgraded to an enterprise employee portal, allowing your staff to manage their leave, view pay slips and update personal data. Our software partners PeopleTray can also extend your HRM solution, giving you extended functionality for rostering for mining and mining services companies. From resource scheduling to roster management, timesheets, payroll to safety and prestart checklists and compliance, our ERP solution helps you to manage your people. 

Workforce management PeopleTray

Mine Production Management Tools

Optimise your extracting, processing and transportation of minerals with MPX and PLODtrack. Mine production software helps you to step away from using multiple spreadsheets and move towards an integrated mine production management software, revolutionising the way your mining operations are planned and executed. 


MPX has comprehensive functionality to manage locations, stockpiles, movements, material blending, grade control, and mining reconciliation – from in situ source data to process plant.

Stockpile Management and Reconciliation, Production performance management and reporting combined together to give you a single source of truth for better decisions and consistent performance. 


  • Improved ability to forecast, plan, and achieve mining production targets
  • Improved data accuracy
  • Enables production improvement.
  • Reduced time to report
MPX screen


PLODtrack is a cutting-edge mine production management software that revolutionises the way mining operations are planned and executed. Designed for mining companies seeking precision and efficiency, PLODtrack offers a comprehensive suite of tools to optimise every stage of production. From exploration to ore processing, PLODtrack empowers you with real-time data and insights to make informed decisions.


  • Record daily PLOD data from any activity you choose in a validated, auditable system.
  • Replace ad hoc processes and rely on spreadsheets.
  • Track equipment and ore by any number of locations
  • Compare forecasted production data reconciled with actual production data. 

Solutions ready to integrate.

Mining ERP Software Solution

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