Mining and FIFO Workforce Software.

PeopleTray is an innovative human resource management software solution designed to help businesses, particularly those in the mining industry, manage their workforce and contractors through an easy-to-use mobile application. It allows you to get the right people to your site, compliant, safe, trained, and connected. 

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Mobile solution

PeopleTray is a fully mobile solution, with an app available for you and your workers. 

All in one tool

A fully integrated solution, PeopleTray brings together safety, training and compliance to ensure seamless onboarding and roster-based deployment to site. 

Developed for Mining

PeopleTray is designed with mining industry in mind. Its purpose-built FIFO rostering system helps mining operators and contractors manage their workforce. 


PeopleTray is an innovative software solution for the mining industry. Designed to help bridge the communication gap between the head office and the site, it provides an easy-to-use mobile-based tool to manage your workforce and contractors.

PeopleTray provides a platform for managing people, workforce engagement, roster, and safety in one easy-to-use solution, making your life and the lives of your workers and contractors easier.

The modular solution allows you to activate the modules you need, when you need them, making it the perfect solution a growing company. Its foundation level includes People (HRM) and Team modules that allow you to oversee your team over multiple sites in a single solution, mobile checklists and an employee self-serve portal. This base solution can be expanded to include SHETray (Health and Safety), Recruitment Onboarding, Contractor Relationship Management and FIFO Rostering.

Workforce management PeopleTray

Look after one of your most valuable assets


TeamTray is the foundation module of PeopleTray and includes everything needed to successfully manage your workforce. TeamTray gives your workers and team leader more control over their documents and tasks, giving them the ability to:

  • Check and manage actions and takes assigned to them 
  • Request/ approve of purchases, travel, etc. 
  • Report activities, including opportunity and risk alerts. 
  • View internal role opportunities (from the Recruitment and Onboarding module) 
  • Update their profile details. 


TeamTray also includes Mobile Checklists, giving you easy access to multiple checklists so you can correct any issues quickly. The checklists are configurable by administrators and can be viewed online or offline on both android and iOS phones through a mobile app. Through the same app workers can:

  • Access procedures 
  • Complete Pre-starts
  • Enter checklists 
  • Enter timesheets 
  • Review receive roster and travel details
  • Enter safety incidents and report hazards.

Incident reporting, corrective action management and risk registers.

Health and Safety

SHETray is the comprehensive OHS module in PeopleTray. It provides a range of OHS tools, including a templated risk register with populated parameters of Worksafe risk management standards. From the Worksafe standards, your safety and risk management is set up, adopting the event types they published. This gives you an effective risk register, which includes documents, controls, actions (repeating), and links to related events/incidents. 

SHETray allows you to create incidents from either your web client or mobile that follow a flexible workflow that is tracked in real-time, giving feedback to the incident reporter and stakeholders involved. SHETray also provides you with:

  • Asset register to configure equipment/ plant  inspections, including mobile devices
  • Australian WHS incident reporting software 
  • Risk register 
  • Configurable workflows
  • Exposure hours from rosters 
  • Compliance and Competencies Mobile VOCs

Manage your recruitment and onboarding

Recruitment and Onboarding

The recruitment and onboarding module helps you manage your employees’ onboarding, training, compliance, and workgroup management. PeopleTray enables you to keep your recruitment activity organised and efficient, eliminating time-consuming ad-hoc processes that occur with recruitment tasks.

The module allows you to search through previous candidates and quickly review previously gathered information, saving you time. You can rate candidates in the system, making it quick and easy to assess each candidate, and priority candidates are displayed on your home page for easy access. The module makes it easy to review and reactivate previous advertisements and send responses to candidates to ensure they are acknowledged and kept informed. 

The module also allows you to capture candidates directly from LinkedIn and advertise role opportunities internally, giving your employees the chance to apply.  

Know exactly how your contractors are performing

Contractor Relationship Management

PeopleTray’s Contractor Relationship Management module is easy to use and is a great way to keep track of your contractor engagements including contracts, KPI’s and agreements. Keeping your contractors and their contracts organised helps your business be more efficient and ensures that any contractor commitments are kept to their obligations.

The contractor module also includes supplier onboarding and can manage contacts and activities with any business, including suppliers and contractors. It allows you to easily keep track of your communications with contractors and store documents such as proposals, contracts, and agreements. You can also add contractors to assigned actions and participate in workflows such as safety events or requests for information or quotes.

Plan your teams rosters, rooms and flights with ease

FIFO Rostering.

PeopleTrays’ FIFO rostering solution allows you to move from spreadsheets to a comprehensive and functionally rich roster management solution. 

The FIFO rostering solution provides the data you need regarding your team’s flights and accommodation. This allows you to stay connected with employees and contractors, allowing them to view their rosters on their phones, building trust and morale with your workforce.

The solution gives you access to flexible travel requests, approval tools, and workflows. It also gives you live views of future demand for flights and rooms to help in planning maintenance and construction team visits.This scalable and secure solution supports flexible work locations for travel administrators, making planning your workforce roster easy.

Solutions ready to integrate.

About PeopleTray

PeopleTray is a Perth based software company that works with the mining industry to provide cloud based, innovative FIFO workforce software and production reporting solutions to their customers.

PeopleTray’s flagship software is PeopleTray, an affordable cloud application that offers a comprehensive suite of FIFO software tools for Rostering, safety, training, mobile checklists and asset management (pre-starts and maintenance/repair job cards) in a single integrated system. PeopleTray’s software portfolio also contains leading mine production data management and performance software, MPX and PLODtrack.

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