Turn your data into meaningful insights.

Take the guesswork out of your decision-making with data analytics tools that help you analyse, visualise and report on your company’s operational data.

Our Business Intelligence consultants can help support, develop and create customised dashboards, giving you greater confidence in your decision-making.

Access Control.

Controlling access to “who sees what data” is vital to both the security of sensitive data and empowering users to consume adequate levels of data in decision-making.

Data Insights.

Dashboards for KPI reporting and self-service visualisation enable users to dig deeper. Explore “what-if-analysis” to understand dependencies.

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Accessible Anywhere.

Access information immediately and from any location. Data consumption is independent of time or place and accessible on mobile or other form factors.

Data Analytics and Reporting Tools


Corporate Performance Management Tool

Solver is a corporate performance management tool used to help you budget and plan for future investments, as well as control costs, reporting, and analysis. Solver allows you to estimate your financial outcomes based on past data on a weekly, monthly or annual basis, allowing you to see how well your organisation is doing from a quality and workflow perspective.

Manage budgets in one place, create detailed reports and automate financial forecasts while presenting them in visual graphs and dashboards that you can share with the team.

Data analytics tools - Solver


Easy reporting on all areas of business.

QlikView allows you to develop interactive dashboards so you can ask the right questions. Great for collaboration with others and large data sets, it provides an in-built ecosystem for end-to-end BI development, from ETL and data modelling to data visualisations. 

QlikView supports great functionality like Dynamic filtering, data exports to Excel, dozens of out-of-the-box visualisations and powerful customisation options. QlikView is a valuable solution for companies looking to consolidate Pronto Xi data and produce financial consolidation reports and consolidated transactional reports. 

Our services  

Our skilled team build complex tailored data connectors designed to extract, transform and consolidate Pronto Xi data, converting meaningful business data into easy-to-comprehend reports and dashboards within QlikView. These data connectors complement our vast collection of out-of-the-box dashboards, covering all areas of the business, including financials, management reports, mining physicals, OHS, resourcing and payroll. 

Data analytics tools - QlikView

IBM Cognos

Visualise your transactional data

Consume live transactional data out of Pronto Xi with IBM Cognos. Generate financial statements, project costing, purchasing summaries and inventory valuations with the click of a button. Dynamically change report displays, quickly switching between periods and accessing detailed views instantly.

IBM Cognos reports integrate seamlessly with Pronto Xi, allowing you to drill back from a report and straight into Pronto Xi. These reports can also be generated as .pdf or .excel documents without losing drill-through functionality. Create shortcuts to any report via the Pronto Xi menu, allowing for easy integration of Cognos reporting into your business workflows.

Analyse your data with interactive dashboards that include dynamic filtering, a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and a wide range of visualisations. Not only that, but the built-in AI can suggest insights from the displayed data, giving you confidence in data-led decisions, reducing risk, and increasing business success.

Our Services

Our team specialise in providing comprehensive reporting solutions, offering support at every stage of the report development life cycle. We help create and enhance new reports tailored to meet your business needs. Our expertise extends to augmenting existing reports and crafting dynamic dashboards for a visually engaging experience. We enable you to use quick and easy self-service reporting from Pronto Xi and other data sources by creating purpose-built data packages.  

Data analytics - ibm cognos

Microsoft Power BI

Consolidate reports on one platform

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful business analytics solution that lets you visualise your data and share insights across your organisation. Create interactive visualisations from multiple data sources, such as consolidated data, allowing you to embed them into the Pronto app or website. Power BI supports a drag-and-drop-based UI configuration, making it more suited for regular business analysts. 

Power BI supports standard business intelligence functionality like row-level security, dynamic filtering, the ability to drill down and drill through data, and a wide range of visualisations. It also supports more advanced functionality like machine learning analytics, the ability to use R and Python visuals and scripts, and built-in intuitive analytics.  

Our Services 

Our highly skilled team of certified Power BI Data Analyst Associates excel in comprehensive data analysis, developing reports and establishing data pipelines. Our combined expertise guarantees a high level of understanding of Pronto Xi data, enabling us to efficiently transform your Pronto Xi data into user-friendly Power BI queries. We can further enhance your business workflows by integrating Power BI into your Pronto Xi environment, making for a seamless experience.  

Data analytics tools - Microsoft BI

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