Who we are.

The long answer is that we are an ordinary company full of extraordinary people. From developers, to project managers and senior consultants, our team work together to design the software solution of your dreams.

The short answer is that we are a software company who want to see our customers and partners succeed through our innovative solutions.

We’ve been around since 1994, and from our humble beginnings we have grown our reputation in Australia and globally. We have become a household name as a business solutions provider and the top Pronto Xi reseller for the mining and resources sector. 

Our values.

Our values aren’t just statements; they are our guiding principles in how we conduct business and make us who we are. Our values go hand-in-hand with our company purpose – to maximise our customers’ success and simplify their work lives through effective partnering, great advice and innovative solutions. 

We put customers first.

We are committed to placing our customers at the heart of everything we do. We strive to understand their needs, exceed their expectations and build lifelong relationships with them. If you are not helping a customer, you are helping someone who is helping a customer.

Operate with Integrity and honesty.

Every decision is based on a foundation of integrity and honesty and this is never compromised. We give honest advice in the best interests of our customers and we never waver in upholding our ethical principles.

Demonstrate Respect.

We respect the trust customers bestow on us and all matters which are confidential. We respect and value diversity and make the time to understand each other and ensure we operate as one team. We respect differences in opinions and have an open mind to learn and we respect the planet and implement sustainable approaches to operating Scope Systems’ business.

Innovate through collaboration.

Ensuring that in everything we do, we continue to seek progressive innovation and provide continuous and evolving value to our customers and stakeholders through technology, partnerships, or ideas. We are not just selling ERP software; we are building a community of agile teams, empowered to unlock their full potential together. 

Our head office is located in Perth, Western Australia. We have consultants across the globe on the East Coast of Australia, in Africa and in North America who are ready to work with you.

Our commitment to sustainability.

Our office
At Scope Systems we are proud to call ourselves an environmentally sustainable business. In 2015, we were given the opportunity to be part of a new cleaner and greener development in West Leederville in Perth, Western Australia. The result is a clean, eco-friendly workspace that is energy neutral and has an abundance of natural light and fresh air.

Our customers
As a company we have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery. We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships to ensure modern slavery is not taking place within the business or supply chain.

Driven by solar power

Our head office utilises a 98kW Solar Panel Grid on the roof of our building to harness the readily available energy from the Aussie sun. Additionally, we created three solar flowers (1.8kW each) to contribute to the area’s public art.

As a result, we currently produce 200% of our daily energy requirements, of which all leftover power is diverted back to the grid. With the advancements in new solar technology, we are also considering batteries in our sustainability roadmap.

Green transport incentives

To ease traffic congestion and reduce our footprint further, employees are reimbursed for public transportation costs to and from the office. In addition to this, employees who wish to drive to work are charged for the use of their car bay for the day. These charges help offset the reimbursement for employees public transport fees.

We have a Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) available for employees that is charged via solar power.

Energy efficient office

To lower our environmental footprint, we’ve invested in a number of energy efficient technologies and appliances.

  • Lighting is 98% LED, this excludes a few small decorative lights.
  • Installed light motion sensors throughout the floor and in toilets and storage areas.
  • Installed commercial high speed SMEG dish washers with high energy saving ratings.
  • Installed High Efficiency Heat Pumps for Hot Water.
  • High Efficiency three pipe Air Conditioning System.

Meet our Parent Company.

We are part of the Software Combined family, a company dedicated to supporting successful software businesses with the goal to help us maximise our potential. 

Like who we are?

Head to our careers page to take a look at our current opportunities.


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