Extend your software functionality to meet your needs.

Our software development team specialise in extending the capabilities of your business software. We develop solutions that seamlessly integrate into Pronto Xi or your Business Intelligence software, using several development models.

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Out of the box solutions.

Our pre-built enhancements can be implemented quickly and effectively to extend your software solution.  

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Process improvement.

We work with you to suggest enhancements to improve your current software processes. 

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Enhanced functionality

Our enhancements can extend the functionality of standard solutions to meet your key requirements.

Extend your software solution

Over the last 30 years we have developed a number of modules specific to the operational needs of our customers, and to extend and enhance our ERP software solution. Our modules have been developed to integrate seamlessly with your Pronto Xi ERP to provide additional functionality to suit added requirements within the resources sector.

Our team build bespoke solutions using multiple software development platforms. This entails ground up application development, building gateways and connectors to support transaction integration between Pronto Xi and other products. Our suite of pre-built enhancements can be implemented into your Pronto Xi environment quickly, giving you greater functionality. Some of our enhancements include:

Approvals on the go

Mobile Approvals.

Mobile Approvals is a fully integrated Pronto Xi extension developed by Scope Systems that provides users with the ability to approve, reject, or acknowledge purchase requisitions on the go, used in conjunction with our PRAS module.

Mobile Approvals allows users to review and approve purchase requisitions generated through PRAS on their mobile device, without having to be logged into Pronto Xi. Users are notified when a purchase requisition requires review and/or approval, with the Mobile Approvals opening in your web browser, perfect for users who are out in the field.

Mobile Approvals

Report on your tenements with ease

Tenements Management.

Tenements Management System (TMS) seamlessly integrates with your Pronto Xi solution, helping you monitor your important physical data, allocate costs over tenements and produce your statutory compliance reports.

By using our tenement management solution, you are able to report more accurately and more importantly, on time into a Form5 report, reducing the risk of financial penalties.

Tenement module screen

Easy printing of internal work orders

Integrated Printing.

Companies using SharePoint or Office 365 document management solutions to hold their plant maintenance work instructions and safety sheets can now print them together with their internal Pronto Xi work orders to provide a combined work pack. This eliminates time manunally printing and collating the documents. 


Control your requisitioning and ordering process

Purchase Requisition Approval System.

Scope Systems Purchase Requisition Approval System (PRAS) is an integrated solution to manage the requisitioning and ordering process. PRAS provides control from the point of requisitioning for goods or services through to the receipting of the goods or services. 

PRAS enables you to delegate financial authority limits per Pronto Xi user, creating an approval hierarchy. Email notifications are then sent up the requisition authority hierarchy until the requisition is approved. 

PRAS Screen

Ensure contractual agreements are met

Contracts Module.

The Scope Contracts Module enables recording and enforcement of agreements with suppliers. This includes the supply of a stock item at a fixed price for the duration of a contract. This has implications for requisitions and purchase order creation. The contract maintenance screen also allows additional details to be recorded such as estimated spends, descriptive information, and the commencement/expiry dates of the contract.

Additional workflow options are available for the behaviour of purchase order screens as a contract approaches its expiry date. Our contracts module removes the need for spreadsheets to manage contractual pricing arrangements. Instead, it implements contract-related business rules within standard Pronto Xi data entry screens, such as purchase order entry.

Optimise your productivity

Parked Invoices.

Scope Systems Parked Supplier Invoice Approval System enhancement provides additional value to customers wanting to enter invoices, store the entered invoices into a repository (park), and approve the parked invoices without using a 3rd party automation software.

Parked invoices not only improves productivity and cash management, it helps your admin team reduce their time spent emailing and approving non-purchase related invoices. 

Looking for Business Intelligence customisations?

We provide Business Intelligence software support, advice and implementation services and we have successfully implemented business intelligence solutions for over 100 organisations throughout the world.

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Need a bespoke solution?

Tailor your software to your company’s needs.


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