Our advisory services provide subject matter expertise.

Our advisory services give you access to expert knowledge, helping guide you for success in your business. 

We work with you, taking the time to understand your requirements and processes and offer recommendations in areas such as asset management, supply chain management, finance, human capital and IT architecture. 

Best practice processes.

Our advisory consultants have years of experience in the resources sector and can advise on best practice processes that suit you and your company. 

Get a more holistic view of your company.

Our consultants take an unbiased, holistic review of your company, helping you to truly see where the pain points and improvements can be made in your company. 

Save money and time.

By using advisory services you can save time through the streamlining of processes and operations. They also allow you to get industry advice without the extra headcount and cost.

Our Advisory Services

With over 30 years of experience in advising the resources sector of best practice solutions, our advisory services offer deep knowledge of best practices and expert knowledge.

Our expertise lie in various areas of the resources sector, including how to set up your organisation to drive success. We work with you to deliver innovative but practical solutions that can be put in place and are suited to the way your company operates. We help you to implement these changes and steps to overcome any shortfall, instead of just pointing out where your company is falling short. 

Whatever growth stage your company is in, our advisory services can help. From the initial start-up, through to established, mature companies, our advisory services can give you the tools needed to help your business grow further and succeed.


We offer specialised subject matter consulting in a number of business areas important to our customers. These areas include, but are not limited to; strategic asset management, supply chain management, finance, human capital and IT architecture.

Finance and Governanace

Our financial consultants are trained CPA’s or ex-commercial managers with years of experience in customer environments. Our financial consultants will ensure you have the right information available to make appropriate decisions, putting in place the foundations to access the complete financial performance of your company. All leaders across the entire company can gain the insight required for rapid strategic decisions.

Our financial consulting services can help you :

  • Guidance on the best practice chart of accounts for your company now and in the future.
  • Set-up of GL hierarchies for optimal financial reporting.
  • Refine your accounts payable processes.
  • Set-up of security and monitoring to reduce fraudulent activity.


We can provide guidance on appropriate frameworks and governance models across departments within your company. In today’s world, the security of systems is extremely important, some of our technology solutions focus on bringing forward potential risks within the business before they become a real issue, identifying areas for improvement.

We work with you to take a holistic look at your asset management practices. Working together, we determine your needs, refine your maintenance management strategy, and help you understand your asset data and industry standard frameworks to optimise your asset’s productivity. 

Our asset management consulting services use a stepped approach looking at areas such as:

  • Asset hierarchy
  • Risk and criticality of assets
  • Regulatory and legislation requirements
  • Business continuity
  • Work scheduling and planning process


We use the data in Pronto Xi’s Maintenance Management module to assist us in making informed asset investment decisions. Our asset management consulting services will help improve financial performance and increase the productivity of your assets. We can fully customise your day-to-day maintenance task, helping you improve efficiencies, quickly drilling down on equipment trees to reduce equipment downtime.


Is your supply chain and inventory management letting you down and driving up your operational costs? 

Our advisory services can help you plan out your inventory needs by working with you to assess each step of your supply chain. We help define areas for improvement, enabling tracking of goods, and applying the appropriate costing to the process to find efficiencies.

Our team will help you:

  • Streamline warehouses, suppliers and catalogues
  • Review stocktake processes
  • Review of critical spares
  • Set-up of product hierarchies and groups


We focus on streamlining your business processes, improving your fill rates and removing unwanted costs from your inventory by introducing processes for reviewing historic information. The return on investment from reviewing your supply chain can be substantial once we have identified leakage within the business model and introduced techniques that enable better inventory and supplier management.


We help you realise the full potential of your staff, increasing productivity throughout your company. 

Our human capital advisors help you to unlock the power of your people through behavioural, cultural and organisational change. We work with you to put in place frameworks for:

  • HR planning
  • Professional development and performance management
  • OHS, rostering and payroll 

Work with you, we look at your mine production needs, from extraction and processing to transportation to maximise your operations. Working with two industry-leading solutions, MPX and PLODtrack, we can help you to:

  • Improve your ability to forecast, plan and achieve mining production targets.
  • Effectively allocate your resources to maximise productivity while maximising downtime and costs.
  • Reduce reporting time and data accuracy and integration.
  • Enhance safety on the mine site through leveraging real-time data, predictive analytics and automated safety monitoring. 
  • Track your emissions, manage waste, and adhere to regulatory standards.
We have assisted hundreds of mining companies to optimise their production, ensure safety and boost profitability through assisting in the implementation of mine production systems.

From small projects to complex multinational ERP implementations and upgrades, our team of project managers produce results every time. Our Project Management team carefully plans your project using best practice methods and expertise. 

  • Managed transitions moving from legacy systems 
  • Continuous improvement
  • On budget delivery 
  • On-time delivery


We have executed hundreds of successful ERP implementations and upgrades over the years, priding ourselves on the quality of our project management services.

Our Project managers utilise the PRINCE2 methodology, meaning your project is carefully planned out using best practice methods combined with our team’s expertise. From the creation of a statement of work through to comprehensive project charters and plans, we work closely with all key stakeholders to ensure project success. By using the PRINCE2 methodology we are able to effectively coordinate projects to mitigate risks of any kind, so you will have peace of mind knowing your project is in expert hands.


Change management can be daunting, but is a crucial process that companies need to perform to in order to stay competitive. Our team of professional change managers engage with you, helping you to focus on key elements that will help drive the benefits of technology, systems and business functional updates.

We believe that in order to have an effective organisational change management approach, your business must undertake a thorough planning exercise and assessment (baseline) of current stakeholders’ views and their alignment to the objectives.

Our change management team focuses on:

  • Fostering a shared change purpose, where the people involved understand the necessity of the change and how to get there.
  • Ensuring the enablement of effective change leadership where the leader will provide direction, guidance and support for the people who are implementing the change.
  • Ensure those who are transitioning through the change are well supported and confident.

We tailor our approach to deal with the size of project that is incorporating the change, ensuring the key elements of change are undertaken to provide success.

Deciding on what IT infrastructure can be a headache for companies, especially when access is required in remote locations or across countries. Our infrastructure team can help you scale out your business by providing solutions that can handle more complex challenges.

Some problems we can advise on are:

  • Transitioning to the cloud
  • Poor site Network communications
  • Cyber Security
  • Bring your own devices
  • Upgrading
  • Compatibility issues


We leverage years of experience in the deployment, operation and management of the Pronto Xi systems environment.  Our unique insight and experience with supporting software solutions provide our customers with exceptional performance, availability and security for their critical business applications.

We understand that downtime or interruptions to the application suite can cause considerable disruption to a customer’s operations and have significant reputational and financial impacts. We use customised architectures and configurations that ensure robust operation, security, availability and performance, delivering exceptional value.

Our specialist knowledge of Pronto Xi, Informix and Linux operating systems enables us to provide unique infrastructure solutions not available with generic infrastructure solution providers.

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