Transform your manufacturing processes.

Create manufacturing processes that align people, processes and technology – efficiency is everything in manufacturing. Embrace the cost-saving benefits that manufacturing ERP software brings with a complete end-to-end view of production, greater information transparency, and systems that connect and communicate seamlessly.

Paperless reports.

Plan production efficiently with paperless reports detailing manufacturing resources and raw materials with Shopfloor Manufacturing. 

Streamlined operations icon

Streamlined operations.

View your entire operations at a glance helping you to maximise your manufacturing resources to reduce product cycle time, foresee downtimes and meet your deadlines. 

Flexible to support your processes.

Pronto Xi’s Manufacturing modules have the flexibility you need to support your individual manufacturing processes. 

Manufacturing ERP Software

Our Pronto Xi solution includes a range of modules specific to the requirements of the manufacturing industry. These modules help to simplify complex workflows, offer efficiency gains, and provide additional flexibility around working locations to ensure greater oversight of your processes. Improve the visibility of your product production cycle and the ability to make production updates in real time. 

Make your manufacturing scheduling simple

Simplify your scheduling and planning.

Pronto Xi’s Manufacturing Scheduler simplifies your scheduling and planning. Manage variations of the current schedule, see when priorities have changed or when a work centre is unavailable, and view the available options to solve a problem. Working with Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP), Manufacturing scheduler pulls through resource availability and work centre and work order data. 

Manufacturing Scheduler allows you to manage your workload easily and develop alternative schedules that can be saved as “what-if?” scenarios. You can also view data in a Gantt chart to analyse operations in line with the work order routing sequence by displaying links between operations, simplifying maintenance and optimising production schedules. 

Ensure the quality of your products

Track and trace your goods and raw materials.

Our Pronto Xi solution gives you the tools to trace your manufacturing process, giving you quality assurance.

The manufacturing application allows you to track your manufactured goods and purchased raw materials by manufacturing batch or lot. You can also lot-track raw materials and components by their purchase order.  You can also nominate purchased or manufactured items to go through a quality assurance inspection before being accepted as a salable item, giving you peace of mind about the quality of your items.

The Manufacturing ERP solution also allows you to generate use-by dates for product labels and other documents automatically, reducing the amount of admin work so you can spend time elsewhere.  

Optimise your materials and capacity planning

Plan your manufacturing over single or multiple sites.

Our Manufacturing ERP solution allows you to utilise a combination of orders, forecasts, distribution requirements planning, days cover, and the maximum/ minimum replenishment logic to aggregate demand from distribution centres. 

Production planning, master production scheduling, material requirements planning, DRP, super bills, planning BOMs and supply/demand data from inventory and distribution systems are used to create planned work orders. Once verified, these planned work orders are automatically converted into a work order or purchase order in bulk. The system generates MRP exception messages, while factory loading capacity and materials information can be displayed graphically with the Manufacturing scheduler. 

Make your ERP software work for you

Customise your process.

Every company has different production process needs, and your manufacturing ERP software should accommodate your individual company needs. Manufacturing companies often have complex processes that vary from company to company, creating the need for a flexible but still powerful ERP solution. Pronto Xi has the ability to integrate your Manufacturing company’s various processes, including production planning, scheduling, inventory management, and quality control.

Pronto Xi’s Manufacturing application gives you the power to customise your production processes, such as make-to-stock, make-to-order, configure-to-order and much more, through its Shopfloor Manufacturing module. No matter your method of production, your costs can be pulled through to the GL to ensure your financials are always up-to-date.

Solutions ready to integrate.

Optimise your manufacturing processes

Discover our integrated manufacturing ERP solution.


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