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As Australia’s largest reseller of Pronto Xi, we specialise in delivering innovative ERP solutions to the mining, mining services and resources sector.  

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Software that grows with you.

From the early stages of your business to a fully mature organisation, Pronto Xi can scale to suit all of your business operational needs. 

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Enhanced to suit your needs.

Need a particular functionality? Our software development team can enhance your Pronto Xi to support your unique requirements.

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Our API’s allow you to integrate your other software products into Pronto Xi, allowing you to keep using the software important to you.

Pronto Xi ERP

Pronto Xi is an Enterprise Resources Planning software (ERP) developed by Pronto Software. Pronto Xi has been designed to grow with your company and can be tailored to suit your specific needs, no matter what industry you are in. 

Built with scalability and growth in mind, Pronto Xi offers a modular approach to an ERP solution that consists of a foundation level, with all other applications ready to integrate as and when required as your company grows. 

When designing your perfect ERP solution, we bring together a knowledgeable team of advisors, consultants, developers, and project managers, all involved in your project from start to finish. We work with you to ensure our solution spans all aspects of your operations, offering industry knowledge and advising on best practice solutions. 

Our close partnership with Pronto Software allows us access to the source code, giving us the ability to build solutions and enhanced functionality that is unavailable on other ERP systems or as an out-of-the-box solution.  

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Pronto Xi Applications

Pronto Xi’s modular structure allows you to enable and disable applications as required. The modular structure is helpful for businesses with multiple companies under them with a set lifecycle or junior companies who do not yet need the full range of applications. Due to this Pronto Xi ERP is highly preferred by those in the mining industry and resources sector. 

The Pronto Xi Financials application lets you see the complete position of your company at any time. The financial modules all integrate into one single system so you can watch your business grow. 

General Ledger

The General Ledger module allows you to manage multiple companies in any currency along with multiple budgets, hierarchies and cost centres. 

Fixed Assets allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of your assets. Use multiple acquisition and depreciation methods and see reporting and KPI capabilities with the touch of a button. 

Accounts Receivable allows you to process all your sales transactions with real-time updates to General Ledger. Information is also flowed into AR from Pronto Xi Sales, allowing you to maintain detailed customer information. 

Pronto Xi Accounts Payable supports several invoice types and payment options. The module also reduces admin time by giving you the ability to automate your invoice processing. 

Customer Central gives your customers the freedom and flexibility to manage their accounts, giving them complete oversight of their details and freeing up the need for user support. Customer Central consistently captures all the information about past customer interactions and transactions.

Pronto Xi’s Distribution application helps you streamline your stock’s movement with detailed, real-time tracking. Track stock with detailed and customised information about each item, and ordering and replenishment functions can be automated with the information flowing into the general ledger.

Pronto Xi Inventory

Streamline the movement of stock with real-time tracking. Pronto Xi inventory allows you to organise your stock by quantity, movement, groups and more while maintaining detailed information. The ordering and replenishment functions can be automated, and information flows into your Pronto Xi General Ledger. 

The Pronto Xi Purchasing Module allows you to have better control over domestic and foreign suppliers (supports multiple currencies) and shipment processes. Automate your purchase order creation from rules around inventory levels, sales order commitments and sales history, freeing up valuable administration time. 

Pronto Xi Sales allows you to manage the sales order lifecycle, from orders to picking slips to printing consignment notes, labels and documentation. Updates to sales orders are pushed through automatically and changed across the relevant Pronto Xi modules, making your sales process seamless and error-free. 

Bring your data together to maximise your manufacturing outcomes. Optimise your operations by ensuring they are lean, scalable and cost-effective through Pronto Xi’s Asset and Facility Management application. 


When integrated with other modules, Pronto Xi’s Project module is a powerful tool that helps you keep up-to-date with work orders, sales orders, and service calls, helping reduce costs. Know your costs with the ability to see a complete Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) and integrate project tasks into the Resource Management module, enabling you to visualise and schedule work efficiently. 


Service Management is your central hub where you manage your service calls, from contracts to call allocation, invoicing and reporting. 

Mobile service allows you to log, process and track all service activities, as well as manage your reactive and predictive calls to ensure you meet your SLAs. Mobile Service is your ideal field service solution, from call management to invoicing and payment. 

Service Connect is an extension of the Service Management module, which allows customers to create and track logged service calls in real time. Using a web portal, customers can self-manage their service call details and preferences, providing you with the most up-to-date information so you can assign the right resource to resolve the call. 

Maintenance Management lets you plan and control your plant maintenance activities from one place, automatically collating vital data from your facilities through visual reporting. Monitor your preventive and predictive maintenance, plant downtime, failure rate, expected life, fault repairs, equipment, and repair costs from one place. 

Pronto Xi’s Rental module is a fully integrated and flexible system that keeps a comprehensive inventory of your serialised rental items. This includes asset depreciation, service and rental history records, helping you determine what is making you money now and what will make you money in the future.  


Gain complete visibility across your supply chain, from distribution and forecasting to a full warehouse management solution with Pronto Xi’s Supply Chain application. The application offers fully integrated tools to help you minimise costs through lower inventory and shipping spend, and helps reduce data errors and time spent on administration. 

Warehouse Management System

The Warehouse Management System is fully integrated with other Pronto Xi modules, including Inventory, Purchasing, Sales, Scanpack, Radio Frequency and Manufacturing. The Warehouse Management System is an intelligent, automated system that gives you greater stock control suitable for large or busy warehouses. You can manage various functions including custom warehouse layouts, top-ups, replenishment and putaway routines, wave picking, storage zones, smart dispatch and more. 

Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) allows you to plan the flow of goods across complex satellite, branch and central locations. Collate customer orders and supply from a central distribution centre for replenishment. Plan for production by acquisition through MPS, MRP and automated purchase orders.  

Advanced Forecasting allows you to predict demand-based sales orders, goods shipped and inventory transfers, and apply smoothing factors based on a ‘best fit’ forecasting method with algorithms and moving averaging. Graphical displays, exception handling and forecast period choice increase transparency across your supply chain. 

Pronto Xi’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) allows you to exchange orders and invoice information with suppliers and customers for fast and efficient processing. Direct connection via Value Added Network (VAN) increases visibility and minimises manual intervention, reducing transaction costs. 

Wirelessly transmit orders from Pronto Xi Sales to handheld or vehicle-mounted terminals. When used with Pronto Xi Warehouse Management System or Scanpack, you can perform stocktaking, putaway, replenishment, inventory transfers inter/intra warehouse, store allocations, picking, packing, order dispatch, stock and location enquiries, receipts of incoming goods and more.

Scanpack streamlines your warehouse processes, increasing the accuracy of stock movements while enhancing your items’ track and trace visibility. Items, cartons, and pallets can be scanned, tracked, and managed via barcodes with automated packing and SSCC label printing. 


Pronto Xi Catalogue makes it easy to keep the records of your catalogue items up to date, no matter the quantity. Searches can be done through inventory enquiries, with the option of dynamically creating the normal inventory master records. Your catalogue items can hold unlimited information and allows you to link supplier contracts to multiple catalogue items. 

The Proof of Delivery App provides all required information to delivery drivers and captures your customer’s acknowledgement when the goods are delivered. Have access to delivery addresses, maps and special instructions, as well as updated routes to avoid traffic disruptions, you will always know where an item is on its delivery journey.

Pronto Xi’s Manufacturing application helps you optimise production planning, scheduling, and work order management, giving you detailed tracking of resources and raw materials. Utilise detailed reports on consumption and results, reduce product cycle times and innovate faster to streamline operations and reduce wastage. Pronto Xi’s Manufacturing application helps you strengthen the quality of your product to meet rigid certification requirements. 

Shopfloor Manufacturing

The Shopfloor manufacturing module helps you to plan production reports efficiently. Cut costs by going paperless with reports on manufacturing resources and raw materials. Streamline product data management, shopfloor control, manufacturing processes, quality control and costing all within an easy-to-use system.

Optimise materials and capacity planning over multiple sites using actual orders, forecasts, DRP, days cover, or the min/max replenishment logic. Create work orders using MPS, MRP, DRP, Super BOMs and supply and demand data. 

Pronto Xi’s Manufacturing Scheduler simplifies your scheduling and planning. Manage variations of the current schedule, see when priorities have changed or when a work centre is unavailable, and view the available options to resolve an issue. Working with Capacity Requirements Planning (CRP), Manufacturing scheduler pulls through resource availability and work centre and work order data. 

The laboratory module allows you to easily record and track the quality or test criteria of purchased and manufactured products, lowering your operation costs by identifying the lowest complying set of products. Grade test product batches and classify them based on desired usage, release, or development. Automatically create certificates for products that have passed your quality tests, which can be provided to customers and regulators based on your tailored template.

Support continuous product improvement and quality management through tighter process control, increased auditing capabilities and certification requirements.

Consolidate your customers, prospects and supplier information into a single source of truth with Pronto Xi CRM. Excel in customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction by leveraging your data to assist sales force automation, customer service/support and marketing.

Pronto Xi CRM

The Pronto Xi Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is fully integrated into other applications, allowing for the management of contacts across the entire customer life cycle. Identify customers needing attention and deliver superior service to retain and promote repeat business. Leverage your information to assist sales force automation, customer service and marketing. 

Your collected data can assist with Salesforce automation, customer services, support and marketing opportunities. 

The Pronto Sales App is the perfect tool for sales teams on the road. Offering seamless integration with Pronto Xi CRM, it provides tools for pre-sales, sales and account manager-related activities and real-time information about product availability, sales orders, quotes and customer-specific pricing. The  Pronto Xi Sales App also allows you to accept payments so you can close deals on the road. 

Manage all aspects of your retail operations from a fully integrated Point of Sale (POS) and e-commerce application with Pronto Xi’s Retail application. Design and trigger personalised promotions based on rules from inventory – this application is designed to drive sales and give your customers an amazing experience.  

Point of sales

Pronto Xi’s Point of Sale gives you complete oversight of your sales, from your head office to each cash register. The flexible system takes transaction processing off the shop floor, giving you an integrated solution that collates your data and eliminates double handling. 

Manage after-sales service and customer repairs with Pronto Xi Repairs Management. The system uses a logical life cycle system, creating and completing quotes, labour, parts, transfers and repair payments – freeing up your time to focus on your customers. 

The Pronto POS App allows you to give your customers an exceptional experience, allowing you to sell anywhere in-store or use the app as your POS solution. Give your staff access to vital information like product details, promotions and pricing, customer shopping history, and the ability to take payments. The POS App is the key to driving your team’s customer success, even when the app is offline. 

Solutions ready to integrate.

Our API’s and connectors let us seamlessly integrate other industry software solutions into your Pronto Xi solution. Pronto Xi integrates with many other leading industry solutions to allow you to expand functionality to suit your business.


Software as a Service (SaaS)

Our SaaS licensing is the perfect solution for companies with growth in mind. This option provides your software licensing, hosting and support bundled together as a monthly fee.

SaaS licensing is ideal for companies wanting a flexible, all-in-one packaged solution and who want to outsource the management of their software.

Licensed - Hosted (IaaS)

Our Hosted Licensing option lets you buy Pronto Xi outright and host it in our data centre. This is perfect if you want to own the software but don’t have the IT infrastructure for it. 

Scope Systems Cloud Hosting services allow you to license and house the software in our secure and certified tier 3 data centre, providing exceptional performance, availability, and security to keep your most critical business applications safe. 

About Pronto Xi

Pronto Xi (developed by Pronto Software) is an award-winning ERP solution designed to integrate your key business functions and processes. For over 45 years, Pronto Xi has been assisting businesses in introducing greater efficiencies, improvements and time savings for operational excellence. With a customer base spanning numerous industry verticals, Pronto Xi is the ERP of choice for over 1,700 organisations across Australia and the globe. 

Pronto Software works closely with a number of resellers and solution partners, providing a greater breadth of functionality.

In addition, Pronto Software have a well-defined product roadmap, with continuous investment into improvements of the platform, ensuring customers have a solution in place that will grow with their business.

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