Mine Production Management Software

MPX is a Mine Production Software, designed to help engineers and geologists record, analyse and report on production physicals with ease. 

Developed over many years with input from mine production management professionals,  MPX tracks production for surface and underground mines at all stages of development and production.


MPX’s mine production software is an easy, paperless record management solution that doesn’t use Excel.

Faster reporting

Faster recording, budgets and forecasts with a suite of standard reports, custom reports and custom dashboards.

Integrated solution

MPX lets you capture data from various sources, including spreadsheets, mobile devices, weightometers, data entry, and APIs.

MPX Production Management software

MPX production software is a leading industry solution. With capabilities in material blending, grade control and mining reconciliation at all stages of the process – from in situ source data to the process plant.

MPX helps to track the flow of material through mining locations and stockpiles, and monitors key mining activities such as drill and blast, mining equipment utilisation, and other activities. Material movement and equipment data are easily added to the system from a wide variety of sources and mine production workflows. MPX’s graphical data configuration tools make it simple to add data from new sources.

MPX has an extensive library of out-of-the-box production reports for your requirements as well as tools to create the necessary custom production reporting that every mining operation needs.

Single source of production

Validate your data

MPX mine production management solution offers you a single source of production truth, improving your ability to forecast, plan, and achieve mining production targets, improving data accuracy and reducing your reporting time.  MPX analyses and validates your:

  • Production Reports

  • Budgets & Forecasts

  • Stockpile Management

  • Stockpile Reconciliation

  • Load and Haul

  • Drill and Blast

  • Downtime Accounting

  • Locations Management

  • Data Integration

  • Data Intelligence

  • Data Entry/Upload

Mine production tracking

Track all areas of production

Using MPX production management software you can track:

  • Movements from Mine (Underground and Open Pit) to Mill – including crushing and mill weightometer figures

  • Stockpile Balances and Composition

  • Open Pit Production Drilling

  • Open Pit Production Firing

  • Open Pit Grade Control Drilling

  • Plant SMU and Downtime (Underground and Open Pit)

  • Underground Development Advance and Stope Firings

  • Underground Jumbo and Production Drilling

  • Underground Grade Control Drilling and Grouting

  • Underground Stope Backfill

Solutions ready to integrate.

About MPX

MPX is a mine production management system owned by Australian software company, PeopleTray. 

PeopleTray is a Perth based software company that works with the mining industry to provide cloud based, innovative FIFO workforce software and production reporting solutions to their customers.

PeopleTray’s flagship software is PeopleTray, an affordable cloud application that offers a comprehensive suite of FIFO software tools for Rostering, safety, training, mobile checklists and asset management (pre-starts and maintenance/repair job cards) in a single integrated system. PeopleTray’s software portfolio also contains leading mine production data management and performance software, MPX and PLODtrack.

With over 18 years’ experience, the PeopleTray consulting team have deployed MPX across 15 countries, for commodities including gold, lithium, iron ore, nickel, copper and rare earths, and open pit and/or underground operations.

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