Is Your Tenement Management System Time Consuming

One of the most time consuming tasks for exploration companies is tenement management. Ensuring your multiple tenements activities are being recorded and reported on is vital, as failing to do so can affect your whole mining operation and lead to costly penalties.

Tenement Reporting

Expenditure on mining tenements is required to be recorded and reported on an annual basis, with each state having various legislative requirements surrounding the management and reporting of tenements. In Western Australia this is via a Form 5.

When completing a Form 5 report, the following details are required to be included:

  • whether the report is an annual report or final report for the tenement;
  • the period covered by the report
  • the type of tenement and the tenement number;
  • brief details of any operations carried out during the period of the report
  • the expenditure amount claimed for each type of operation together with the total amount expended on the tenement;
  • the cost and detailed description for each activity
  • details of any related annual mineral exploration report; and
  • Mineral commodity details.

If a Form 5 is not lodged within the required period, or any approved period of extension is applied, notice of intention to forfeit proceedings will be initiated and this can cause significant problems for the continuance of the license or financial penalties.

How are you Managing Your Tenements?

Many mining exploration companies track expenditure against the tenement package and allocate costs to specific activities within the tenement. This can be very complex and time consuming, especially with a large land holding and the regulatory activities associated with tenement reporting.

Activities such as costs, anniversary dates, physical data such as meters drilled, consumables and timesheets all need to be tracked and the associated invoices need to be apportioned to the specific lease or tenement.  In many cases, this function in the business is done on a myriad of spreadsheets and smaller accounting packages, with the view that these are a more cost effective option for the smaller junior exploration company.

By using non-integrated systems the management of your tenements, the ability to manage your costs and reporting on a granular level can be very laborious. These systems often don’t provide the detail to the business that is required, especially during times of heavy reporting periods leading to potential costly mistakes.

How can an Integrated Solution help?

A fully integrated business system can replace the usual singular point solutions for each of the functions required to produce the reports needed. With an integrated solution tenements reporting can be simplified, becoming more accurate and more importantly on time, reducing the risk of financial penalties.

By investing in an integrated project and tenement solution, exploration companies are able to meet the specific needs of regulatory reporting. This more refined reporting allows tighter cost controls and greater visibility of the metrics, vital for getting your project off the ground.

Our Tenement Management Solution

Scope Systems’ intuitive Business Management System was specifically designed with mining exploration companies, to deliver a range of business functions and tenement reporting in a simple cost effective cloud solution, with very minimal capital outlay.

If you have any questions or want to discuss further how Scope Systems can work with you during the exploration stage, or any stage of your mines lifecycle, then please get in touch with us through the form below.

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