Software Fatigue – When Software Implementations Go Wrong

When thinking about implementing a new business system, companies often believe that it will streamline processes and increase operational performance. However in some instances that’s not the case, with companies finding that instead of providing greater efficiency their new system does the exact opposite.

To hobble along with a business system that just does not functionally fit and trying to manipulate your business and its process into a square peg for a round hole, is simply false economy. The constant re-development, expensive maintenance, wasted effort and time on bad processes, leads to you spending more money and time on a system that is meant to save just that. This cycle of trying to improve a system that was never the right choice for your company in the first place leads to headaches for management, unhappiness from employees and software fatigue for all involved.


The Issue

We often see companies who struggle with their current system, but are reluctant to invest in a new solution. Companies stuck in this gridlock often use the same reasoning to justify keeping their failing system.

“It doesn’t actually do what we needed it to do but…” 

  • We have spent far too much money now that we are at the point of no return
  • The staff are so over implementing software now we daren’t tell them we have to do it again
  • What if we make the same mistake again
  • Someone else decided on this system and it would be too political
  • We really don’t have the time or resources to start the process again

It is not only frustrating for us to hear conversations start like these, but also the defeat in their body language and voice makes us feel they believe there is no other way out.


How we can help

Recently a number of customers approached us with these issues asking for help.  In collaboration, we conducted a review of their current systems, analysing the ongoing costs to keep running a system that does not work for them and then the cost to implement the new.

In some cases, we were able to identify ROI in the hundreds of thousands and were able to fast-track their implementation to ease the pain of over burdening staff again. In other cases, the challenge was to get something in quickly and efficiently, so as not to impose massive annual maintenance fees charged by their previous ERP software.

Our specialist consultant’s in-depth knowledge and experience in implementing ERP solutions within similar companies allows us to confidently design great software solutions for those customers.  Working together with the company we were able to determine what ERP software modules, integrations and implementation would suit their needs and add value. Many of the companies realised the benefits their new system offered from day 1.


By working with Scope Systems you’re choosing a company that understands ERP systems are not one design fits all. Our vast experience in the mining sector and the experience of our specialist consultants means that you know you are getting a solution that works for you. By collaborating with us, it will no longer be a conversation that begins with “but” it is \”when\”.


Picture of Sonia Turner
Sonia Turner

Sonia is the Sales and Marketing Manager at Scope Systems. With a strong background of software in the mining sector she is passionate about making customers lives easier through innovative solutions. You can connect with her on LinkedIn. 

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