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With the ever-growing volume of data being produced by companies, being able to interpret this information accurately and efficiently is becoming more important for companies to have a competitive advantage. We can help provide the tools and knowledge necessary to for you to analyse, visualise and report on your company data, taking the guesswork out of your decision making. With all of your data presented in an easily understood format, you can have greater confidence in making important or strategic business decisions.

Our Business intelligence consultants offer services in consulting support, development, and the creation of dashboards to help you derive maximum value in your solution. We work with multiple BI tools including Microsoft Power BI, IMB Cognos and QlikView that integrate into your Pronto Xi ERP.


Security & Control

Security & Control

Controlling access to “who sees what data” is vital to both the security of sensitive data but also to empowering users to consume adequate levels of data in decision making.
Data Insight

Data Insight

Dashboards for KPI reporting and self-service visualisation enable users to dig deeper. Explore “what-if-analysis” to understand dependencies.
Accessible anywhere

Accessible anywhere

End users can access information immediately and from any location. Data consumption is independent of time or place, and accessible on mobile or other form factors.
Informed decisions

Informed decisions

Business intelligence tools bring your enterprise data together to give users a more holistic view. Make more informed business decisions with a higher degree of confidence.

Give yourself the power to make informed decisions through our Business Intelligence solutions

Timely, accurate and meaningful data is the key to great decision making. A business intelligence solution ensures that head office, managers and site personnel are armed with the knowledge they need to keep operations moving.

IBM Cognos

Benefit from direct access to a full suite of reports across many Pronto Xi modules without having to leave the Pronto Xi Client UI. Design your own dashboards using “what you see is what you get” technology, enabling you to access powerful business driven reporting. IBM Cognos Business Analytics is an agile solution that can be delivered over the web, ensuring company data can be viewed at any time and from any web connection making it easier than ever to view and distribute BI data and facilitates quicker and better decision making at every level of the company. 


QlikView allows you to develop interactive dashboards so you can ask the right questions. Great for collaboration with others and large data sets, QlikView provides in-built ecosystem for end-to-end BI development, from ETL, Data modelling to Data visualisations. With a higher dependency on accurate, dynamic reporting and analytics to make effective business decisions, having a solution such as QlikView is invaluable for self-service reporting and analytics.

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organisation, or embed them in your app or website. Power BI natively supports a drag and drop based UI configuration, making it more suited for regular business analysts and those without a programming background. Get insights quickly with an uncomplicated setup, no required training, and included dashboards for services such as Salesforce, Google Analytics, and Microsoft Dynamics. Power BI is perfect for smaller companies needing a lower cost solution and being a Microsoft product it seamlessly integrates with Office 365 and Microsoft's Identity solutions.

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