3 Benefits of Software Training

In today’s technologically advanced world software is ever changing and evolving, with the latest versions of software providing companies with powerful tools – if used in right hands.

For some companies, the idea of training staff to use new or existing software is a no brainer, recognising the benefits to the company from the outset. Others are more hesitant, with questions such as if there will be any tangible benefit, what will the true ROI be and what’s stopping staff jumping ship to another company after.

While it’s understandable why companies may be reluctant to invest in software training, the reality is that giving employee’s appropriate training for software yields a number of benefits. Acquiring new skills, having a higher satisfaction and retention rate and utilising your software to its full potential are all key benefits gained from software training.

Acquiring new skills

The value of software training in employee growth and productivity should never be undervalued or understated.

For complex systems such as ERP software, it’s recommended that users receive formal training so that they have a well-rounded knowledge of the hundreds of functions and capabilities that are available to them. While staff could learn how to use it themselves, receiving formal training provides structure, make the learning process easier as well as being shown best practice processes and tips and tricks.

Having the training performed by a company that caters to your specific industry allows the course to be more industry relevant, with more time on the functions and processes that your employees will use, rather than a more generalised course.

By investing in software training, you allow your staff to acquire new skills and increase company productivity and efficiency. This allows your company to save both time and money, and is where the software’s ROI will show.

Employee satisfaction & retention

Many would agree that being thrown in at the deep end without the knowledge to use the tools necessary in your role, can be both frustrating and stressful. Software training overcomes this issue, giving your employees the ability to confidently use the software, reducing their stress and frustration and  increasing their satisfaction in the workplace.

A second benefit is by investing in staff and giving them the opportunity to receive training can make them feel like a valued member of the team. This makes them believe that the company cares about their ability to perform in their role, and that the company believes in the longevity of their career and development at the company. This willingness to invest in them are significant motivators to employees and increases loyalty to the company, increasing employee retention rates.

Staying up to date

Many B2B’s, customers and clients are using the same or similar software, making it vital to stay on top of best practices to keep your company competitive.

Investing in training and staying up to date with your software is important, particularly when considering upgrading. Having a solid understanding of the newly released software version will reduce the knowledge gap and allow your company to use the software to its full potential.

For example, your company may have upgraded to the latest version of an ERP solution, with the belief it will increase productivity and streamline processes.  However, without investing in training on how to utilise the system to its full potential, you may be missing out on the true benefit of upgrading by not using the new functions and capabilities to what they can achieve. It may even take staff longer to do processes that they do not understand how to perform on the new system, doing the opposite of what was intended from the new system.

Should you invest?

While software training can be an expensive investment, ultimately the benefits far outweigh the initial costs. Not only does software training make employees happier, better equipped to perform their tasks and more loyal to the organisation, the company’s productivity, competitive edge and profits increase also. Couple this with software solutions evolving more rapidly than before, it is vital for companies to invest in the correct training so they can use their systems to their full potential.

Interested in software training? We provide training courses for Pronto Xi modules, Qlikview and IBM Cognos that are tailored to the mining industry. Our courses are conducted from our classroom in our head office in Perth, or can provide face-to-face online training. Get in touch to find out more.

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