Why Upgrade Your Pronto Version?

Why Upgrade Your Pronto Version?

Over the past 3 years we’ve managed over 60 Pronto upgrades, giving them access to the latest features, connectors and support available in each respectable iteration. With the launch of Pronto 760 last year, we are looking forward to the upcoming projects transitioning to the newest platform.

But why upgrade your Pronto version? What tangible benefit is there in going onto the latest available version? To answer these questions, we’ve noted down a few key considerations.

New and improved features

With each new version of Pronto released comes an extensive list of new features, as well as tweaks of existing functionality. As part of a pre-defined product roadmap, Pronto Software invest development time into emerging areas to keep up with competitor offerings.

New functionality allows end users to take advantage of productivity gains, better visibility of things like work orders and maintenance, mobility and enhanced accessibility, as well as more detailed reporting.

Integration capability

Over the past few years, a number of different technology partners have joined forces with Scope Systems and Pronto Software to offer value add integrations. Customers on newer versions of Pronto can integrate areas such as human resource management, AP automation, data warehousing and lease accounting solutions.

This ability to integrate can be a catalyst for many customers to seek an upgrade of their Pronto system; being able take advantage of new innovations without compromising their existing system. This agility, in many cases, allows for quick wins in implementing new functionality; saving both time and money overall.


As technology continues to push innovation into the areas of mobile, tablet and other portable devices, applications are continuing to meet the ever-growing need for cross-platform functionality. The latest versions of Pronto have made significant improvements to the responsiveness of the user interface, ensuring a more seamless experience.

This added flexibility allows businesses or operations with field services, maintenance, or technical workers to input activities performed straight into the system from the job site.

Supportability & risk mitigation

While Pronto is a well-supported ERP system in terms of assistance available for older versions, it’s certainly true to say that newer versions offer an overall better support experience. For instance, issues requiring frequent support in older versions are more likely to have been addressed in newer releases, minimizing reliance on support, and increasing productivity on the whole.

There is a point at which older versions become unsupported purely due to age, which may produce an element of risk, particularly for organisations that outsource their Pronto support. Ask any healthy business about their highest priorities and risk management will usually come out around the top.

Consulting support

In all likelihood, if you’re considering a Pronto upgrade, you’ve probably already been serviced by your Pronto supplier for a number of years. If you feel that your supplier has delivered great support, you have the benefit of familiarity and the peace of mind to know that your project will be handled with the same level of care.

At Scope Systems, Pronto upgrades are managed with an 8 step process framework:

By following an established formula, customers are assured of successful outcomes for all aspects of the upgrade process.

User satisfaction

While this one may not be among the highest priorities from a purely business perspective, it’s certainly still an important area to consider. Old versions of Pronto may meet the functional requirements for end users, but there may be significant improvements in terms of processes or time savings, which are only accessible in the newest versions. For example, the introduction of Cognos reporting to Pronto allowed reports to be generated on demand.

End users who find that they are hindered in their productivity will likely have diminished job satisfaction, which can lead to other concerns such as staff turnover or poor company culture.

Part of any successful Pronto upgrade is the delivery of end-user training. This ensures that users are not only comfortable with the system, but are guided to maximise their interactions and transactions with the system.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, an ERP’s function is to provide you with the capabilities necessary to run your organisation. By upgrading to a new version of Pronto Xi, you are investing in the stability, versatility and growth potential of your business. The when and why to upgrade comes down to your specific requirements, and should be carefully considered.

As a Pronto Xi reseller for over 25 years, we’ve developed an upgrade approach that places priority on customer success. We journey with each and every customer through the entire project, making sure the desired outcomes are achieved.

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